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& Contracting Opportunities

GTA Trees is a fast-growing Tree Care Company servicing the urban forest around the Greater Toronto Area. We are always very interested in employing and/or contracting qualified people who both know the Tree Care business, and also enjoy what they do.


This is the key position for each of our crews. In this role, the individual will manage the crew, speak with customers, and will do the actual tree pruning and/or removal.

Climbers, we are prepared to work with you to ensure you're well compensated for your skills.

If you have your own equipment and want to

be a contractor, we can accommodate you. No equipment, no worries, we will employ you and outfit you with the rigs to get the job done right.

Ground Workers

In this role, you will be starting from the ground up, learning the business, and supporting the entire team. After a short training period, we will apply to get you into the apprenticeship program with the Ontario Government.

The road to success starts with a solid understanding of the business, and working as a Ground Worker will get you the start you need. Our pay rates are at or above industry averages, as we both want and need the right people for this critical role.

Selling Arborists

As we grow our start expanding our services throughout Southern Ontario, we will need qualified people to meet with our potential customers – to educate and sell them on the benefits of using a proper Tree Care company such GTA Trees, to properly handle their tree maintenance needs.

Please contact us for a confidential interview, and we will outline a plan that will leave you

glad and excited that you contacted us.


Think you have
what it takes?

Contact our office for

more information.

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